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Shopping Cart Facilities

A shopping cart works as you would expect. It allows your visitors to compile a list of your products or services that they would like to purchase.

It allows you to take orders, however these orders do not have to result in taking payments online. If you require, you can simply take the orders and descide how you would like to take payment (i.e. cheque or upon delivery).

Online Payments

Implementing on-line payments gives your website the complete secure online ordering experience.

You can take payments viw the following methods:

Payments allow your users the all-in-one experience that people have come to expect from the internet and gives your business a more professional face.

All online payments are secure for you and your customers peace of mind. No details are kept on the server so that in the very unlikely event that the server was compromised, your customer's details would not fall into the wrong hands.

Some examples of e-commerce websites are...


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