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A Content Management System (CMS) is fairly self-explanitory, it is a system that allows you to manage the content of your website - allowing you to take 'control' of your website.

A CMS enables you to change any of the text or images on as many of the pages as your require. You can also create new pages or remove obsolete pages if you wanted this level of control.

You can change your site anytime, anywhere. All you need to make changes to your site is an internet connection and the login details to your Administration Area. The CMS is as easy to use as Microsoft Word or composing an email, and is all done via online forms - it has been created and tested with ease of use in mind.

All changes made via the CMS are in 'real-time' which means as soon as you click the 'update' button the changes take immediate effect on your website. So there is no waiting for the server to update or any other delays - you want the change, you can make the change.

The Administration Area

An Admin Area is the area that encompasses the Content Managment System for your website. All of the controllable facilities for your website are within this area.

The Admin Area is effectively a website that allows you to control the database that runs behind the scenes of your website, whenever and wherever you are. This area comes with password protection so that only you can access the back-end of your site. Additional logins can be created for other members of staff at your request.

Some examples of content managed websites are:



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